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Aside from the actual wedding day, the day of an engagement shoot is often one of the most memorable and special. The pressure of being in front of “an audience” allows a couple’s true love story to play out in the most organic way possible. This is where the magic truly happens. Of course, having a skilled Upstate New York engagement photographer only makes the experience better—especially when the two of you can be organically and wildly yourselves.

Regardless of where you choose to have your engagement photoshoot in Upstate New York, you can count on me to bring a good time! I believe candid shots are often the best—so don’t worry about the poses or faces you’ll need to make during the shoot. The chemistry between the photographer and couple often determines the shots we capture—so focus on feeling beautiful and having an incredible time with your future forever lover.

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Music Moves People—and LOVE.

Over the years of shooting couples falling deeper in love during engagement photoshoots, I find that music is the best way to get people in the flow of a photoshoot. For this reason, you’ll catch me with a music-playing device and speaker. Whether we are using my music or yours, know that this day is all about YOUR love—and I want you to feel that through every motion and every photo captured.

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